Companies who utilize business intelligence with their ERP system get the most value and are more likely to implement business performance improvements.  These are the results of Aberdeen’s 2011 ERP servey of 549 organizations (see ERP Plus BI: Maximizing the Return on Your ERP).

Top performing organizations integrate BI with their ERP solution and are more productive as they have better visibility for decision-making.

  • When BI is integrated with ERP, Managers are 24% more likely to find information required compared with organizations that use ERP alone.
  • Knowledge workers spend 6.2 hours looking for information, but only 4.2 hours when BI is integrated with ERP.

Also, organizations that ally BI with ERP are twice are likely to have have a performance-driven culture that drives accountability.  And they are twice as likely to have an open exchange of operational data across business functions.

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