Try it in the Amazon Cloud! pre-configured Amazon EC2 Image is ready for you to launch.  The image can be launched using Amazon’s micro instance type which is eligible for the free tier.  So you can demo it in the cloud for free!  And as it is pre-configured so all you need to do is launch and connect to show the demo dashboards.  Go to:

ErpBI Amazon AMI

and select:


If you don’t have an Amazon AWS account you will need to create one.

  1. Continue at “Choose an AMI” to use the image selected.
  2. In “Instance Details” choose the Micro Instance Type (take all defaults).
  3. For “Create Key Pair” if you want to connect to your instance using SSH, you will need to create a “Connect” key pair.  This will prompt you to save a key to your computer which you can use with SSH.  Note that to just demo ErpBI for PostBooks and xTuple, you can connect through a browser without the need for a key.
  4. For “Configure Firewall” you should create a new security group which will allow you to connect to the business intelligence server.  Create a “Custom TCP Rule” for port range 8080 for source
  5. Review your settings and Launch.

You will then be shown the EC2 Console dashboard:


Select Instances on the left and you will be shown your launched instance:


If you select the image, it’s properties will be shown at the bottom.  In the screen above, the image was assigned a URL of

You can use this to connect to the business intelligence server running in the image.  You can also use IP address  The URL is assigned when the image is launched so the URL of your instance will be different.

Use the following address in a browser and replace x.x.x.x with the IP address of your instance:


You can log on using user joe and password password.

Don’t forget to stop your instance when you are finished so that service hours do not accumulate.  Just right click the instance and select Stop.

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